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~On the Edge~

I trust you,You trust me,a CHAIN that continues forever...


my, Little World !
...where there is only Anime,KAT-TUN,me,and my beloved friends&family

what you find Here
what you find here is mainly massive KAT-TUN fangirling that contain gifs/vid reports/graphics that i make about them + some personal entries under friends lock + sometime Anime flailing + random fangirling over yamapi,AAA,DDate,random books,songs which rarely happen that's if happen at all anyway 90% of here would be about KT and if you are Hyphen or we have something in common will be glad to befriend you:<3

♥ Name: Soosan
♥ Nickname: hana
♥ love Japan
♥ love learning languages
♥ love japanese and italiano
♥ an IT engineer by name only:XDDD
♥ photoshop is My hobby
♥ i'm mostly on twitter(will add back all the hyphens,anime otakus and Awotas so feel free to add me if you are one)

♥ KAT-TUN my love:<3
♥ a proud Hyphen,proud of every inch in KAT-TUN history
♥ Love All KAT-TUN songs
♥ Phoenix My No.1 Fav
♥ Ichiban: love them all equally.junno if you squint :XD
♥ OTP: KameNo ♥ forever.i love all 4nin pairings tho
♥ love EX-Members as well but flail less over them.
♥ not a johnny's fan,just like KT and FEW individuals.
♥ in J&A only:Hey!Say!Jump my 2nd group but not updated with them
♥ Yamapi LOVE, more than HSJ much less than KAT-TUN.
♥ like DDate and AAA and Laura pausini
♥ like fantasy books& Poems
♥ my 2nd biggest part of life after KAT-TUN: Anime
♥ a proud anime otaku
♥ reborn my fav anime
♥ mostly watch shounen
♥ lately into sports anime

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