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29 November 2015 @ 02:18 pm
sorry for shamelessly plagiarizing the tittle format. i love junno's blog.

just how many times i clicked on "post new entry",wrote down many things,canceled it and logged out of LJ since junno's announcment... i hope i'll finish this one at least.
and today is junno's birthday. a veryy happy day. for good or for bad i love junno forever.it is confirmed! (p.s:same goes for KAT-TUN).

i'll make this entry two part...

a happy birthday storyCollapse )

[a love story]
i'm a person who practically lives among the words.you have no idea how the lyrics,stories,poems,etc have effects on me.you can say it is also why i love KAT-TUN so much,their lyrics aren't ordinary.i'm going to use few lyrics and texts here ...mainly my translation so bear with the errors please.

i can't stop anymore,i'm falling for you
your nameless sight in the middle of night
one night love? it doesn't need a reason
my heart is seeking you out

i wont erase it anymore,my heartbeat that is bursting into flames
these eyes, the impulse that make my chest ache
(love @ 1st sight - AAA)
since 3 and half years ago the moment that i couldn't throw "bye bye kodokuna hibi yo, bye bye tooku sugita hi yo" out of my head and ended up watching one drop PV,and fell all over the heels for him w/o even knowing his name:

and ended up DLing KAT-TUN-everything and watching KAT-TUN-dramas one after another.(lemme brag once again*smuge face*,+bonus! i love him even more because he is lefty and as you see a november born just like me:XD)

and then the other day junno being the junno i love. KY as ever,said he will leave KT in the most unexpected moment...and again junno being the junno i always love,not ever learning where is the right timing to say his dajare,he never said "uso uso kawauso"...

at first it felt like the first bird in the first verse of "Birds" lyrics...or maybe like this lost child:

like the lost child who can't see you again
i saw that star bloom in the maze of darkness
in the middle of sky,like a mounted jewel
i called for the future that i draw the other day...
(polaris - KAT-TUN)

but then i remembered, during years i enjoyed everything. his dajares,his idiot side,his dork side,his cool side,his ever improving singer side,his dancer side,his smile,his serious face,his loved-by-every-member-side (all KAT-TUN hanging out not for camera but for themselves together 2days ago,confirm this side still exists and i was soooooooooooo happy reading eyewitnesses reports),him i-love-everyone-around-me side too,i love his everything.and if he is really giving up everything to get married (even tho i doubt it is the reason because he can get married in KT and JE too) i love his romantic loyal side too,he is indeed like the prince in disney stories.the one that only exist in disney cartoons.

you know junno's other name inside me is "hope" the hope that such human really do exists. so i love him.not only as idol,not only as man but as a human too.i believe the more ppl grow up,the more we live as an adult,the more we we become desprate searching for every little evidence of goodness that still remained in this world,in order to gain the hope to live. the more this goodness is combined with darkness the more it sounds human-like and the more it give me the hope that i,myself or the ppl around me,and the ppl i'm going to meet in future are nice(kinda similar to birth lyrics?).the fact that we can be good bearing all our darkness(now like DoA lyrics?:XD) is what junno and KAT-TUN proved to exist.it is one of the things i gained with them.

at that time,i was scrolling down the telegram poem/quote/story group i'm in and it is miracle how art can talk to you. i find this two as if they were writing for me:

those who shine on other's life
will become the sun themselves one day...

the moment you encounter the sun
even thoughsand of candles and lights can't light and warm your house.
remember,without you my house will be cold and dark,my sun...

junno is my sun,even if i can't see him anymore...so i love him...as long as i love him he will continue to be my sun...
and i decided i want to cherish all the months,weeks,days,hours,minutes and seconds left ...

let's start from "goodbye", in order to encounter again,
under the polaris,reflected in your eyes
in the middle of sky,like a mounted jewel
i'm sure we can live this moment without wavering again
(polaris - KAT-TUN)

there is this too...one of my favorite book's favorite quote ever...

(Raise of The horde - christie Golden)
KAT-TUN is a home to me...a home that junno is part of it for me. ♥
there is junno, the members,and many precious hyphen friends and many good and bad memories and alot of feelings in this home.

there is no tears that wont dry out
i'm sure i'll see you in the next street
the dream that you wont believe in,wont come true
Go Ahead
a line shone on the bottom of darkness,my heart began asking:
who are you traveling in the memories
i can hear you,i can hear you, you are looking at the same sky as me
i'll belive like this and live, letting to be guided by miracles i come across
without knowing of our existance the world circle around
but for now, i believe in encounters

(birth - KAT-TUN)

♥once again happy Birthday junno♥
i love you

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04 October 2015 @ 02:25 pm
its been whiiiiiiile since i posted here last time~

anyway it is uepi's Bday and somehow unbeleivably he is 32!!!!!!!!! it is really hard to believe.


kinda failed at photoshop this time.it was supposed to turn uepi into bleach character hitsugaya toshiro.but i failed at making uepi's hair white and it turned out tokuro instead of toshiro LOL so in the end uepi succeed toshiro's costume only.
i wanted to make an ice dragon around him, because tatsu in tatsuya means dragon and toshiro's zanpakto hyourinmaru is an ice dragon as well so i thought it is cute to play with names(junno's fan and can't help it:XD) but ran out of time.so it ended up this way.
in case anyone read this or is curious the original pic before edit is this:

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Guess what?today is KAT-TUN's 9th Anniversary~ and also the first day of year in my country calendar.

it is amazing that my year starts w/ KAT-TUN anniversary,i feel like the calendar is celebrating w/ me~

usually i try to make event posts short and post wallie to not make it boring but i don't want to hold my feeling back now so it is going to be mix of nonesenses and KAT-TUN,prepare yourself if you have decided to read until the end:XD


2-3 years ago deep in my heart i thought they are my new hobby that i'll stick to them madly for a while~ and when you are mad fangirl about something you look at it in different aspect...like thinking you love them the most,you are afraid of growing cold toward them later or you think/want to love them forever like now...i think i'm over this phase now...rather than wanting them forever they are melted w/ my soul now...
i'm free...they set me free...i can go...love others...do whatever i want...but somehow it is like a miracle i always come back to them...by the end of everyday,every week,every month,every year KAT-TUN is my ichiban...it is like no matter how fun hanging out w/ friends can be, once you return at home throw yourself on nearest sofa and think "Ahhh glad i'm finally home~"...

i used to get jelly of other groups,count sales,think about numbers,records...now they are still important but KAT-TUN is the most important~anything comes in 2nd place...

idk i'm in love w/ my current shape of love for KAT-TUN.

KAT-TUN doesn't make me happy...it is lie if i say KAT-TUN make me happy all the time...instead KAT-TUN makes me feel alive...KAT-TUN is love...when in love you aren't happy yet you are happy w/ that unstable feeling&worries you have for your love,right?you spend great deal of time to find out what is that phenomenon in your heart make it beat faster,idk at least for me love isn't all good things.it is more like enjoying all kind of feelings in 1 moment and so is KAT-TUN.that's why KAT-TUN is love.

KAT-TUN since 2013.10 is strange~
before it was lovely times and awesome moments which i loved and will love but they are changing since then... changing in many ways...now they have future~ they are doing everything w/ plan...and i think they will succeed...and i'm glad to be in such days...before it was imagination,unclear spectrum of the past now it is reality...

the songs are awesome~ every single is tied up w/ movie or drama~ we have 1 weekly regular bagumi~ we also have 1 monthly regular bangumi w/ KT ssinging awesome medley on it each month~ each member has his own show~ the concerts and tours are yearly~ everyone are getting equal attention in PVs~ despite fans talk i think promos are much better compared to pre 2013 and i don't feel like they are being negleted by agency anymore~ and many other things~

it is just pure bliss... i have no complain even to JE...i can really feel they are rising the slope they fell in once... somehow everything is promising...this guys are relaible srsly! i can sit assured believe in them and in better future~ THIS feeling is new...
at time like this~
i remember fire and ice,where they decided to not go back,to keep fighting for their glory even if they fall down or they had to start from zero.
i remember phoenix which is Reborned KAT-TUN's fighting spirit,decision and determination,it is hot battle in the fire but feels like KAT-TUN extending their hand to us to take us out...to eternal heavens...
i remember bokunari no koi lyrics...when they decided their own style of love is to not promise about future instead promise that we smile the moment we are with them... where our distance to the future that we laugh together in it is 3 years (2013 song,2016 is their long waited 10th anniv)
i remember in fact, "no matter how much stained,a heart will never lie" and decide follow what my heart tells me about them...
because as it is in Dead or Alive in this unresettable game called "life" ,while keeping their unchangable feeling deep inside they want to hold on us~

and now in Race Goes On! they wont let it end,they will never go down,letting us feeling their beat and their race will go on~ as long as life goes on...

i just love drawning in KAT-TUN's lyrics~ most of their songs are world of their own! as for me ganbare KAT-TUN,i decided to not go back too,take your hands to the eternal heavens,and simle/laugh each moments i'm watching you even if it is a cold pun!,follow my heart and keep my unchangable feeling deep inside,i'll proudly stand aside and sway the "viva KAT-TUN" flag until you win the race~ i believe in you 4Ev3r♥

all my feeling about KAT-TUN's from now on is portrized on this wallie~ wanted to make it much better but had no time this year~ not what i imagined to make but still my original feeling♥

(originaly 1366*768,open in new tab for full size)
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23 February 2015 @ 10:34 am

Happy 29 Bday kame chan♥♥♥♥♥

p.s:my wallpapers are getting out of their horror themes slowly:XD what happened to me? LOL
P.s2: the idea is based on tutorial i read while ago but i don't have the link neither rememeber the title to search for it ><
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03 January 2015 @ 12:34 am
my bunny died few minutes ago and idk what to do now...its like i feel emptiness and i'm lost at same time...
its not like i didn't expect it...his vet told me that they usually age 3y and my bunny was 3.5 yo...it is...it is just...i wanted him to live forever...i know i'm selfish but...
pets are family members and i really believe he was our 6th member...judging by every one's face i guess my family believed so too.even my mom who was against having a pet at first is crying for him...we all cried for loosing him...
i know i'll never forget him...

the night my bro brought him home i was sleep already...i remember the first thing my mom told me in morning was your brother brought a bunny...i thought he bought another stuffed animal because my bro has this habbit to fill me&my little sis's room w/ stupid stuffed animals...i was like not again and i don't have place for it but when i saw it i was surprised to see a cute pure white living creature that was staring at my w/ his bloody red eyes...it was so beautiful and the cutest ever...and so small he fit the palm of my hand and i could lift him w/ one hand or put him in cup.later he grow so much that i had to use both hands and the help of my sister to lift him up:XD when his vet told me whad do you feed him?he is so fat.it made me happy and i told him he is taking after our family jokingly:XD
the first time i hold him in my hands i felt ahhh life can take such small form too.it was really really nice good new feeling.i never felt this even holding newborn babies.i never forget that moment.

my bro told me he went to buy a hamster but he saw this one,he was the only rabbit among hamsters and it felt so lonely so he changed his mind.i laughed so hard when i knew instead of bringing him home straightly my bro took him to his friends fastfood store:XD my bro said the first thing he ate was felafel which probably explain his weird taste in food too:XD

we wanted to name him barfi which means snow because he was pure white...but bro said its soooo mainstream and everone who has white pet call him barfi..so we translated it to japanese and called him yuki.

dad usually supports my mom when she says no pet but once we buy it he is more interested than us...my dad never learnt to call him yuki...he called him koki all his life...and whenever we corrected him its yuki he said he is sure he heard us talk about koki so he thought its him:XD my dad mistook me&sis's fangirling over koki.dad's corrected edited version wasn't yuki tho:XD it was kooki:XD but we said nothing because yuki himself was responding to my dad calling him koki.

my mom is against having pet by default.she doesn't like pets and yuki was no exception either.she said i don't have anything to do w/ him and you bought it so you have to take full responsibly all the 3 of you.it got even worst when yuki ate all the flowers my mom planted in few days:XD(she loves her flowers sooooooooo much)but after a while she started to talk to him,call him,and my mom was the one who discovered how much he loves corn and pepper.she used to save his share while cooking and then she would call him "yuuki felfel"(felfel means pepper) yuki was responding to that voice and ran toward her to take his food.she would even cleaned his place when my bro was busy or feed him when me&sis had studies.and now even she was crying for him so hard.

bunnies are spoiled...and newzealand white are more than spoiled compared to other bunnies.we shared duties.i fed and played w/ him in first half of the day and my sis in 2nd half.my bro had buying his thing,taking him for vet visits and cleaning his houses duty.i used to wake up at 5AM when i was still in uni.the first thing was playing w/ yuki.if i oversleep for one day he would miff and wont answer my call:XD i had to bring him corn to make up with him.it was really hard to make up w/ him in winter when there is no corn:XD

bunnies love to be patted on the head and nose and in yuki's case on the back of neck.the more you pat and massage them the more they feel comfortable and lie on the ground.i loved when yuki did this.and the happier they are the more they lick you:XD licking is like "i love you" in their language so it always made me happy.he showered my hands licking me that i had to take shower sometimes:XD

he loved to decorate his house by his own.bunnies don't want water they use the water in greens when they are thirsty but we thought its better he have some water in case he was thirsty.but yuki didn't liked the idea he spattered the water and throw its plate in the living room:XD but we were more stubborn and brought back the plate with water for him he did the same and we too.in the end he spattered the water but didn't throw its plate in the living room instead he hide it somewhere that my hand can't reach in his house LOL

his favorite place to hide was my father's room:XD he used to hide under my father's work table:XD

nothing is cuter than a rabbit that jump around out of happiness and lie down imittiating your way of lieng down on the ground:XD

he is imitating my sis while studying:XD
once he was playing in me&sis room and i was having squable w/ my sis because she made the room messy w/ her school stuffs and then yuki started playing w/ her notes making them even more messy.it made us laugh so hard in middle of serious fight and we forgot everything:XD

my cousin(my aunt's doughter) is the only children i got along and played w/ in my life,she really loved him when she came to visit iran.even now after years she ask me to send his pics for her.i remember she tasted each lettuce before giving it to him so she can make sure they are tasty.that was cute of 6-7yo child.wonder how should i tell a 10yrs child about yuki now T.T maybe i should ask my aunt to tell her.

he was scardy cat LOL a real coward:XD like even a fly would make him run to seek one of family members emprace.once there was noise coming from his house and the next second he was burying his face in my stomach turned out there was a cockroach in his place:XD he even can't stand my aunt's(uncle's wife,but i call her auntie) mina bird:XD

back then when he was under 1yo i was new to KT fandom and i happened to be into smile back then.i remember singing and playing smile for him.later it become his song in my mind.now that i think of it,the lyrics say it for me.they really fit well.

he never enters the living room in winter prefers staying in his own house but before his last moments he come toward living room,he couldn't walk well so i carried him and he spent his last minutes among us,yuki i'm gratefull that you wanted to bid us proper farewell.you were&are and always will be the cutest pet in the world until the end:<3

i believe and always believed pets live long only when they get love from their owner,so i want to assume our love reached him.i hope he had fun being in our family for 3.5years.we are going to move in new house around his birthday and while searching for house my mom was considering a house that has good place to put his house in it too.now it feel sad.i promise i never forget you♥ you always brought happiness to me.
at least i'm glad he didn't suffered alot before death.

Through changing seasons, with unchanged feelings, we have painted this moment in our colors, such is our greatest treasure
Because the day we met and the laughter we shared will forever stay in my memory

smile (cr)
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24 October 2014 @ 10:13 am
since my cousin become hyphen too recently.me&my little sis and her decided to hang out every once in while having short hyphen trips around Tehran.and since they both studied(as for my sis studying) human science in highschool unlike me who choose math&physics they are poth history maniac so we ended up little discoveries in historical places.not that i dislike it tho.but kinda its embrassing that i'm the older one there and yet doesn't really have knowledge in history compared to other two:XD but its too fun going out to new places and all we talk in the way is KAT-TUN KAT-TUN and KAT-TUN.

the city i was born/live in is an old city,13th city that was made in the whole world since beginning to be specified,it has been more than 5000yrs old since then,even tho it is part of capital now and not as big as it was used to be one day,there are many places to go to.maybe because i was born here and always has been here,there is also that i'm not the type to hang out and spend my time out that much,they all are nostalogic childhood playground more than places with thousand years of culture and history to me.but its nice to see them with another point of view.and i like the experience.

the other day we went to rashkan castle but well,all we did was taking close up of ourselves forgetting to consider the place and so no pic*facepalm* we were afraid to go high too LOL(with me being coward and scardy cat of heights as much as yucchi is or even more!:XDbtw i can even shout grean peasuuuuuuuuu as i hate it too:XD)

but this time we went to tughrul tower and took alot of pics.i used to pass from the north gate of tower when i was 1st year in middle school everyday.it was on the way to school but actually never went in once.we moved from there too.

the tower from outside(minus gardens surrounding it)
the place is the tomb of tughrul-beg the seljuk ruler.

the tower itself can be solarium we even counted the time with it and it was correct*excited*.the guide said you can use the tower to measure the time in night too,with the exceptation of first 3nights and last 4nights of the month.persian months to be specified,today is the 2nd day of 8th month btw.the tower itself show the constellation as well.
there is also a place when you can see a cat footstep.seem they discovered it when a cat was watching the tower from that spot everyday.if you look up from that spot where the cat footstep is you can see the tower look like a lion with open mouth.(lion is also a symbol)or so that's what the guide said and others confirmed it:XD idk to me it look like a human not lion.

the lion figure
another cute thing was that you can stay at the center of tower and talk in your normal voice but everyone from here up to the gates(there are 2gates one in north and another in south) can hear your voice as it is,you even don't need to shout or anything,so they used this place for lectures.we even tested it i was in the center of tower talking to my sis and cousin at north and south gates.it was so cool.

the gate

seem like there was an inscription that is made from gold,ruby and one other thing that i can't remember but apparantly their combination is impossible now and no one know how they are made.sadly it doesn't exist here currently,its in washington now.

center of tower where everyone can hear what you say.

there is another one inscription which have been put there in 200yrs ago by the king back then(naser-al-din) and is in darri persian.sadly i can't read darri-farsi.but i bet Afghanistanian or Tadzhikistan or Georgian can read part of it.farsi has been changed alot and i only know pahlavi farsi.

the darri-farsi inscription.i can only recognize characters:XD

the tower was built in 12th century.seem like they even used glair as part of studding when they built it!the guide said there was earthquacke about 9.2 richter like 200yrs ago here where the whole city destroyed to the ground except shah-abdol-azim shrine and tughrul tower.as for tugrul tower there used to be dome on top of it but collapsed now.76% of the tower is as it was since the beginning and 24% of it is repaired(it was repaired twice).the tower has 20meter height(20meter height=something like KAT-TUN's water works in coucon)

the repaired crack in the wall is because of earthquake

you could go inside the walls too but its dangerous and they closed it >< mitakattaaaaaa*pout* -_-'

the now closed door.

that's it for now ^_^
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04 October 2014 @ 11:35 am
happy Birthday lovely uepi♥
wish you all the best in both your work and private life♥
also wish you play in drama as main role asap♥
my fav soloist in KT♥wish you release an mouce piece album one day.
yesterday i kept remembering the letter part in CTKTIIU when jin say "i hope you always remain the kokoro yasashiii ueda tatsuya.".somehow its my feeling too.♥
uepi always love you♥

open in new tab for full size 1366*768
made this because 10.04 can be Read as Ten.Shi and so its tenshi no Hi (Angel's Day) in japan and somehow if uepi was tenshi i can only imagine him as lonely fallen angel who lives in top of ruined ancient tower and prefer human beings to life in heavens.
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21 September 2014 @ 03:05 pm
Rating: PG-13
Rating: AU
Warnings: character death(because its between life and after life)
Summary: A car accident took his beloved away from him. He lived in a world of pain. But on his dreamless night, he came back for him. He came back in another form.
A/N:my first time in life to challenge writing a fic and in english on top of that:XD because the world need more KameNo love
its heavily influenced by Kame and junno's latest WU photoshoot(because ravens are shinigami's familiar spirit)and Birds Lyrics.hope you like it.
thanks to awesome jamFelipe@twitter for encouraging me to write and Betaing the fic for me
banner made by me~

Birds~Collapse )
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04 September 2014 @ 01:16 pm
can't belive it has been 2years♥
in my life dictionary its quite a long long time.i never loved anything that long other than anime tbh.
even if i loved something the peak of my passion and love would be 1 year after that its always downfall until i get tired and switch to new excitening thing,because i want to feel the adventure,to have something new each day.here i'm still not at my peak w/ KAT-TUN.i fall for them everyday more and more.i experienced feelings with them that no other group/celebs let me feel.its like they give me all i want and expect.

the most thing that's interesting for me is being "proud".idk how it works, KAT-TUN isn't the most selling group.but deep inside my heart i'm sure they are better and higher above everyothers.i never never never felt i'm "proud" of celeb that i fangirl about,LOVED soooooo much yes but never felt proud.but with KAT-TUN i'm very proud.they are the greatest and i belive no one can be them because there is a quality in KAT-TUN that i can't name but i can feel it and not one else has.i'm sure this paragraph doesn't make sense but hyphens will understand.it isn't to be said it have to be felt.

another thing is variety.i get bored soon.that's why i never fangirled over artist.they all have their own style and thus eveyone sound same after listening to their songs.be it big grammy winner,a native artist that i actually understand his/hers lyrics or jpop unit or even kpop idols.all have their own style and everything is same after few try.i used to think rather than liking the artist its better to love one song from different artist.but with KT there is no need to search for some artist in different genre.KT is variable enough to listen forever and never get bored.

i think they are great ppl.personality wise.i'm not blind fangirl to say they are god sent angels w/ no errors.i know they have black&white altogether just like how every human being does.but they have wonderful personality and wonderful relationship w/ eachothers.which make love them.and its not based on what you see right in front of camera which is mostly for promotion or the fanservices that are always fake.but its based on little details that no one care for(even the camera man)and accidentally apear on the corner of screen,they do it in their unsubconciousness and so i belive its their true.i follow my own heart instruction as it proved to to feel right and true everytime.and with KAT-TUN its that they are real.they don't fake.

they improve.it might not be unique but they are really god at standing up after each fall.not as fangirl but as human i love it.i want to be like that.everyone fall in their life once or twice sooner or later,as life isn't all ups. i want to be like them when my time comes.

another thing is really hard to word it...but if you are going to imagine an artist/idols/whtever with his/her/their fans how do you imagine them?for me its an unknown shape on the stage which is the artist and crowd facing them at the stand as fans.the artist are top and they facing their fans,they love each other.but when it comes to KAT-TUN its isn't facing or top&down.its standing beside and holding hands.KAT-TUN always melt in their fans.it always feel we aren't only fans but part of group,and indeed we are 「-」.its not KAT-TUN and their hyphens its KAT-TUN only because hyphen are in it already.this again doesn't make sense.probably even for most of the hyphens because my mind has weird habbit of turning every feeling into mathematical charts and artistic drawing instead of words:XD and i suck at expressing them.probably only my sis understand everything i say:XDDDD

another good thing but i don't say it outloud,its only me tho but i'm glad to be able to feel sad bitter moments with them too.you wont understand what happiness means as long as you don't feel the sadness.just like how if there is no darkness light sound an mere empty word.the happiness where there is happiness only is kinda empty and hollow.i should say to them ♪ thank you for all the moment♫...the sadness is like a filter.it let the fragile bonds slip away and only leave the stronger one making them even more stronger.they say you may forget the one who laughed with but its impossible to forget the one who cried with you.i'm really proud of -&KAT-TUN's bond..glad to be part of this worldwide chain

another things are the hyphen.i may not know them all.and also there are some annoying ones(whom exist in every fandom) to be honest but i love my close friends and the friends i talk with in the fandom.Great people who always are beside you and help you.♥ my lovely fellow hyphen♥like when i log in and see the link of new show in my DMs w/o asking.or how i get the links of leaks or when there is news someone mention me.or when they see a cute kameno tweet they send its link to me just because i'm KameNo fan while she is nakame fan even tho she could only simply RT!or giving me a link of her own personal record,going as far as uploading katsumode only for me because i couldn't DL from mega.there is much much much more of this hyphenlove,more than i can write it all here.you know more than the links itself and infos inside it,be it KAT-TUN whatever its their feeling that value to me.i think ahh what a nice ppl i'm blessed with.i think "hyphen de yokatta" deep inside my heart.i'm glad to know my hyphen friends

i don't care for faces tbh but i'm proud that they are very handsome.
i love athlets and KAT-TUN is such athletic group!
i love their voices.
their deep lyrics.
their funny personalities.
and many things that i don't have time to even write about because planning to go out w/ little sis to celebrate our hyphen anniversary together today:<333


last but not least happy Birthday Yucchi♥ i'm seriously doubting you are 31 tho:XDDDD
there is no need to say how much i love you,i'm always flailing over you dear♥♥♥♥♥♥ i put all my feeling for you in this:

its in wallie size 1366*768

which was originaly this+nakamango wu pic:

the difference is amount of my love for yucchi hehe :XDDD
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